Year 5

  This year Kantra got into making things. Now, everything is potentially something else. At dinner when she gets picky about her food I remind her that there are kids who go to bed hungry. Besides, "This is not a restaurant," I tell her. "I am not your waiter," I say. "But we can pretend like this is a restaurant," she says. "Koko (here in Japanese)," she says, pointing her finger at the spot on the table to where she

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Last Word On Last Year

Last year my daughter, Kantra forced me to pick up my crown. For many nights, on my knees, helping my four-year-old get dressed for bed, at eye level she’d tell me, “I’m a Princess. Mommie is Mommie Queeen and you’re Daddy King.” We could be in a grocery store aisle and out of her pocket she pulls rocks, rose pedals, acorns, and handfuls of sand. She got a bike for Christmas and a remote control car. In the last few

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Year Four

"Daddy, tell me about rockets and space," Kantra said to me at bed time. Haruki got her into making up collaborative stories. Passing express trains are going to pick up dinosaurs and soon to be born babies. Zero gravity made her gasp. She loves watching this video, like the whole thing. Lately, raising her has been more challenging than ever. She has her father's persistence, her mother's innovative passive aggression and her parents' temper. Her fearlessness hasn't waned and she's

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Year Three

The big "three" was on and popping. She got mad picky about food. Super Why? and Dinosaur Train were the shit. We tried child apps, but they worked too well and had to be stopped before spreading tentacles. She got Legos. Here's a short excerpt of what I wrote when I first posted this video: She already knows her ABC's, shapes, colors and she can count to ten. She is at my waist and I think she’ll be taller than

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Year Two

We took the impossible trip half way around the world and made it to Orlando. We had two transfers. Going through customs, Haruki had to go through what feels like getting screened to visit some one in jail. Kantra did amazingly well, way better than we hoped. Haruki walked her up and down the aisle when Kantra got too restless. Pops, Ma Dukes, and my brother make a quick "cameo" in the video. They would've been more present, but I

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