Christopher Burch puts on “Stepping Razors”-preview

Artist Christopher Burch is opening his latest exhibition, “Stepping Razors, Chapter 22-Dem Bloodletting Blues” at Hoffman LaChance Contemporary. The show is a chapter in his on going series, “The Missed Adventures of Br’er Rabbit and Br’er Death in the Land of Shadows.” Burch reinterprets the folktales of Br’er Rabbit through existential illustrations that dance between light and darkness. His show opens January 17th.

For the past couple months he’s been dropping little treats to show his process. We collected them below.
1456678_10151827806586185_1024621841_n 1504110_10151871620136185_75369304_n 1391439_10151884116711185_1470415224_n 1472884_10151841287456185_841653119_n 1450242_10151841293336185_1236933590_n 1469800_10151819044891185_1645248421_n 1488198_10151905094061185_1738559721_nWe interviewed Burch a couple months ago. Read it here.


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