Diamond D produced “Work It Out” The Pharcyde-teaser


Legendary producer and former Diggin’ In The Crates member Diamond D just posted a teaser of “Work It Out,” a Pharcyde joint he produced. It’s a beautiful slow jam, heavy on the bass, a single horn plays the backbone on the hook and strumming strings from what sounds like a harp looped through out. They should be called The Pharcyde Point Five since Fatlip and Slim Kid Tre are missing from the track, but Bootie Brown and Imani thankfully hold it down. Their seemingly stream of conscious flow patterns work in contrast to the production.

Check Diamond D’s own cut after the jam. He’s spitting like he just got out the shower.

Daimond D “Untitled”

To hear Slim Kid Tre’s side of the story, read here. Since this interview, Slim Kid Tre and Fatlip have been touring as a group playing Pharcyde songs, and so have Bootie Brown and Imani. Read about that, here.

The Pharcyde, “Drop”

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