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Posted by on Jun 6, 2014

This is the first thing I saw just after we landed. Message.

At a East Village bar, before franchises took over St. Mark’s street, Magic Balboa’s dad said, “The meaning of life is to take care of your family and die.” Going back to the states to check on ma’ dukes aka moms aka mother of mayhem. She’s waiting to meet her first grandchild, but that won’t be til the end of this year. This is a solo mission. “A First-time Father, one year later” is underway. She came out purple and perfect.

Just before N gave birth she burst into fire. She gracefully endures my nonsense and forgives my lack of evolution. I’m not much without you.

I was talking to G, saying that I felt bad about leaving the fam, and guilty about being excited going back to the states. Picture Mel Gibson in Braveheart, he said “Freeedom.” G is going home next month since he hasn’t been back in two years. His wife is taking their baby with her back to see her parents. “I’ma be at the bar the whole time. Enjoy that shit.”

During my trip I’ll be posting flicks here and there, but I’ll do my best to post links and updates about my travels on TMG. DJ Zobe will be holding it down.

I’m stupid jet lagged, but haven’t stopped moving since I got here. Must unplug. Must sleep. Must warn others. Seeing familiar faces is the new porno. At immigration, dude started talking in English and it startled me. Customs didn’t check my bag. He said, “good boy, welcome home” and handed me back my passport. Not sure about the “good boy” part but it’s been a minute. Shit it’s good to be home.

Music heads hit up DJ Zobe or themicrogiant@gmail.com. Artists especially, please submit work at themicrogiant@gmail.com.  While in NYC hopefully I’ll catch something, but trying to get up with everybody who I haven’t seen in a minute is priority.

Almost a year ago we started actively posting stuff on TMG that Zobe and I are into or want to see more of. We’re not out to click the hell out of you, but there’s strength in numbers, moreover in community. If we’re the only ones reading our blog, which is how it started anyway, that’d be cool with us, but fortunately yall came through. We know you’re out there and as we push, pull, kick, and grudge forward, we hope you see our progression. Thanks for reading. This site would not be possible if it hadn’t been for Carlos.

See you in a few Orlando.

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Just got this in the mail from Eddie Colla.




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