One-Legged Pedestal

Electrical riptides reside in tapestry
repetition for safety
survival for majority
short attention span for detail
focus on longevity
stumbling through crowded possibilities
rate this hermit cyclone status
grab the bat for bad kids, you eat too much
this anorexic touch got toys throwing up
I lost my direction in arrangement
comfortable complacent
find my treasure at the bottom
of the tree, like santiago
the alchemist I say alchemy
construct your construct
friendly adversary, uncomfortable ransacked
pulled the trigger but you can’t make the bullet turn back
I learned to fold distance, broke into area 51
freed my people, had to replace my veins
with telephone wires
these eyes keep turning inward
taking intangible pictures, molest the coward
split his wig open with a rainbow reflecting off a prism
my brain ain’t on drugs
but it’s that egg in a frying pan
fits nicely, if I could jump off
the pages of my notebook I’d
start rapping apathy
my beast is objectivity
spill the definition
I communicate with the ape telepathically
became what I already am
a galactic pinwheel
swimming in black water
mixed with floating pearls
background music claiming importance
a rookie homeless man learning persistence
a cardboard cut out with a human heart stapled onto my chest
rest this digress on the table
1 for dimensional
2 for the past
3 for Kane slaying able

Gotta head full of bullets with butterfly wings
pocket full of mountains
if beauty is within the eye of the beholder
I ain’t holding nobody
spit on the ground my feet are planted on
hope that saliva conjures flowers
make those two extremes compliment each other
steadily stuck in a paradox
father compacted hydrogen gases holy hunt this art
for spirit be like “yo sun, that shit is hot”
check the equilateral triangle, contorted visual
gravity pulling your shoulders towards the ground
you walk horizontally
panoramic funk in motion
taunting up rock ability
33 and something revolutions, reflected the perfected reflection
can controlled by project hands
messages left for the disbelieving Thomas
our screams of s.o.s. travel by train in silence

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