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Photos courtesy of Eddie Colla


D Young V x Eddie Colla’s Memento Mori exhibition will be up at Artworks Downtown through October 11th. When TMG reached out to Eddie Colla and David Young V about the show’s reception Colla said, “D[avid] and I weren’t sure what to expect, given that this work is a bit outside of the norm for Art Works Downtown. That said, the staff was super supportive and put absolutely no

restrictions on us. The whole process was really an ideal situation.” Young replied, “We were both overwhelmed by the support and enthusiasm given to us by the gallery and the local community. It was a relief to be able to express our visions throughout the gallery space (and its outdoor walls) with absolutely no restriction. We both feel that the project was very well received by its audience.

The environment in Marin differs greatly from the types of places we have both worked in before. Thus allowing a more unique perspective on the concepts Eddie and myself have been developing in the last couple of years. All in all I would say the project provided a positive experience for both the artists and local community. I’m happy to have been given this opportunity.”

Memento Mori trailer by Taylor Morgan

Bablyon Falling’s David Young V artist profile.

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