Year Two

We took the impossible trip half way around the world and made it to Orlando. We had two transfers. Going through customs, Haruki had to go through what feels like getting screened to visit some one in jail. Kantra did amazingly well, way better than we hoped. Haruki walked her up and down the aisle when Kantra got too restless. Pops, Ma Dukes, and my brother make a quick “cameo” in the video. They would’ve been more present, but I was worried about what Kantra was getting into. Just cause my grandaddy’s 12 gauge is empty and looking like a broken tree branch propped up in the corner of Pops’ bedroom, doesn’t make it ok for Kantra to play with it. My wife filmed my dad cooking grits. There’s just a slither of it in the video, but for the first minute, I don’t think he understood what the hell she was doing. I hate seeing my parents get old. They enjoyed Kantra. They got her a birthday cake. My brother Peter got her some fresh gear and we unfortunately forgot it when we left. Kantra was performing her ass off, singing ABC’s, shapes, and running wild. She was just getting her feet underneath her.

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