Influential 90’s House Track Dat Oven’s “Icy Lake” – Documentary

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In the mid-late 90’s there was a House track, “Icy Lake” by Dat Oven, which ruled the dance floors, popular with the gay vogue and ballroom dance scenes. Fast forward to 2000’s and now, the electronic sounds form “Icy Lake” some how wound up in machismo UK Grime tracks as well as more recent House and Techno productions. Recently THUMP along with the labels Night Slugs & Fade to Mind released a documentary exploring the history behind “Icy Lake”, and the relationship this track has with current electronic dance music scenes. Night Slugs & Fade to Mind labels has also released a remix EP of Dat Oven’s “Icy Lake” featuring artist such as L-VIS 1990, Total Freedom, and late DJ Rashad with their take on the mid-late 90s House track.


Icy Lake: A Night Slugs x Fade to Mind Short Film – THUMP

Junior Vasquez Arena NYC Palladium Closing Party August 31, 1997 (“Icy Lake” comes on @ 58:37)

Junior Vasquez Arena NYC Palladium Closing Party August 31, 1997

Wiley’s Grime instrumental album Avalanche Music 1:Wiley (2010) –  Featuring older released & unreleased instrumentals

Grime MCs’ rhyming over Wiley’s “Ice Rink” Instrumental

Fade to Mind x Night Slugs – Dat Oven “Icy Lake” Remixes EP (2014) 

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