AJ Fosik, “Beast From a Foreign Land,” Tokyo, The Hellion Gallery


Sculptor of ill otherworldly wooden animals, AJ Fosik opened a show in Tokyo, Japan at The Hellion Gallery last week. He gave 12 of his hand crafted animals to 12 Japanese artists to paint as they see fit.  The artists included Yoshi 47, Ryuichi Ogino, Imaone, Hiro Kurata, Usugrow, Shohei, Tadaomi Shibuya, Madsaki, Nigamushi, Kaz, Mhak, and Koichiro Takagi. If your in the land of the rising sun, the show is up through May 11th.

Courtesy of RBB Today
Courtesy of RBB Today
Takaomi Shibuya’s AJ Fosik mask.
Kaz’s AJ Fosik mask.
Shohei’s AJ Fosik mask.
Usugrow’s AJ Fosik mask.
Hiro Kurata’s AJ Fosik mask.

hpgrp Gallery 
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Jingumae 5-1-15 CH Building B1 Floor

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