Around The Way 5-9-2014


1. Jack White’s new ULTRA LP generates a hologram when it spins, and other neat hidden features on the vinyl. [io9]

2. R.I.P. iPod: Sony unveils cassette tape that can hold 64,750,000 songs. [Consequence of Sound]

3. The Filipino new school Freestyle revival. [Amoeblog]

4. XXL Freshmen 2014 Freshmen Cover is revealed [XXL]
XXL Editor in Chief Vanessa Satten Explains The Process of Deciding Who Gets on the Freshman Cover – Sway in The Morning

5. Production Music: The songs you almost know by heart [Noisey]

6. The Guardian interviews This American Life host Ira Glass. The Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan offered to train Glass’s dog Piney, but he declined.  [The Guardian]

7. I randomly met writer Junot Diaz out of all places, in Tokyo at an art festival and I was star struck. If you ever read Drown or The Wondrous Life of Oscar Woo, homie’s the man. Drown was my shit though. I rambled in earnest and nearly forgot to introduce my wife and 8th month old. Diaz recently wrote about his experience in an MFA program and how it relates to people of color. [New Yorker]

8. The new minus-Aaron McGruder Boondocks gets reviewed by Mike Hale. He takes the new show’s direction to task. The first episode of the season and they already fucked up with trying to “symptamentalize”  “Pretty Boy Flizzy,” a Chris Brown-like character. [NY Times]

9. A Princeton study concludes that America isn’t a democracy, but an oligarchy? [Policy Mic]

10. Space through three HD cameras in real time. See a sun set every 90 minutes. Super dope. [I Fucking Love Science]

11. Apple’s Beats deal is all about bringing music mogul Jimmy Iovine on board. [BuzzFeed]

12. Watch Sounds Of Solidarity, a documentary about Haitian dance music. [Noisey]

13. Seven new faces of electronic music in Mexico. [Noisey]

14. Fast food workers around the world planning to strike on May 15 [BoingBoing]

15. Artist Kara Walker creates massive sugar sphinx invoking “mammy” iconography [Dangerous Minds]

16. Epic Epoch is accepting applications for an artist residency program. [Epic Epoch]

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