BBC Brasil, Brasil 4-Part Music Documentary

When you think of Brazilian music; Samba, and Bossa Nova may come to mind, but there are other sounds like candomblé, capoeira music, choro, MPB (Música popular brasileira), music of  the Tropicalia movement, rock, psychedelic, funk, Afro-Reggae, mangue bit or beat, Brazilian Hip-Hop, Baile funk/Funk carioca, and axé to name a few from the plethora of genres that exist in Brazil. There, people take sports (Football) and music with equal levels of seriousness and passion. You can learn a lot about a country’s history and culture by listening to it’s music, which is an auditory record of what has gone on in that country. BBC’s Brasil is a 3-part music documentary that traces the origins and history of Brazil’s music, from the days of slavery and colonialism, through the years under dictatorships and military rule, and looks at the development of Brazil’s diverse and vibrant music scene. 

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