Black History Rap – Heir Jordin “Proud History” – Video


From St. Louis, Missouri five year old rapper Heir Jordin raps about Black history in the song “Proud History” penned by his father, rapper and drummer RT-FaQ of the group Doorway. The track “Proud History” came to life, when one of Heir Jordin’s teachers asked him to perform a song for the school’s Black History Month program. In the track, Heir Jordin name drop various Black heroes, heroines, icons, legends, and revolutionaries from Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman all the way down to more recent figures like President Barack Obama, and Olympic gold medal gymnast Gabby Douglas.


Heir Jordin’s father RT-FaQ said,

“We needed to get this out so the world can see it. It’s not your everyday five-year-old who can do the type of stuff that Jordin can.”

“I’m excited about the song, and he’s excited about it. He makes me proud every day.”

Info via Riverfront Times

Heir Jordin “Proud History” music video

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