“Blank On Blank” Animated Lost Interviews: Jimi Hendrix, Barry White, Carol Burnett, and more


Lost interviews with famous, and iconic personalities are given the animation treatment in a PBS short film series “Blank on Blank.” Here we have animated lost interviews with legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix (audio only, there was a video, but was pull down due to some copyright issue…), singer Barry White, comedian Carol Burnett, jazz saxophonist Stan Getz, and actor Heath Ledger.

Jimi Hendrix on The Experience – Blank on Blank

Barry White on Making Love – Blank on Blank

Carol Burnett on Finding Home – Blank on Blank

Stan Getz on Wasted Years – Blank on Blank 

Heath Ledger on Role Playing – Blank on Blank

For more Blank on Blank animated interviews head to the youtube channel

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