Club Write-up for Tokyo Weekender and DJ Marley Marl

For Tokyo Weekender I just wrote 5 Best Tokyo Music Venues for Dance, Jazz, Rock, Hip-Hop, Electro and More. And that’s all great. I’m proud to have done it. For the Tokyoites and tourists, -get put on. Sound Museum Vision has some retro themed nights that are worth a trip and that’s not the needle point of their arsenal. Your favorite rappers kill it there too. Its cool, but this Sunday, something rare is happening in Tokyo. Producer and DJ, Marley Marl will be spinning at the Speakeasy party.

He’s the first producer to ever create sample based hip-hop. Rewind selector, I said, Marley Marl is the first hip-hop producer to ever make sample based rap music. The young bloods obviously might have trouble understanding this, but peep game. Marl got mad classics under his belt. He’s that dude. Below watch a recent Drink Champs interview of Marl talking about his long career, one that virtually stretches over the whole of hip-hop’s 40 year evolution. A few of Marl’s indelible joints fellow the interview.

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