Common, “Made In Black America” ft. Ab-Soul, No I.D. produced

Common and TDE’s Ab-Soul spit some hot shit; lyrical stunts and ill word play. Common sounding like he ain’t got time for acting right now. He said “When rappers dead I have the fluid that embalm.”  Ab-Soul acting like he getting slept on, trying to wake heads up. He gives respect to Common, who is probably one of his great influences by saying “I’m morpheus in this hip-hop Matrix exposing fake shit,” from “The Sixth Sense (2000).”

This is the second track off what is supposed to be the collaborative project, Nobody Smiling, between Common and past frequent collaborator and legendary producer No I.D. The first track, which you can hear below was “War.” It’s about the obsessive violence plaguing Chicago’s inner cities.



via Potholes In My Blog

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