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Supernatural is a unique documentary film that truly shows the power of music. It’s where the rubber meets the road. Director Rosylyn Rhee chronicles students from Japan learning how to sing gospel music. In Japanese culture, expressing raw emotion is considered rude in the company of others. Suppressed thoughts and feelings are buried under a mountain of societal contracts that forbid people from asserting themselves, talking in a direct manner or voicing their opinions. In a homogenous conservative country like Japan, everyone is equal, the same, reflective, and considerate of others; thought to create a harmonious atmosphere. In America slaves sung negro spirituals in an attempt to liberate their tortured psyche. They sung from a place of pain. In the film these kids are going against their cultural instincts to redefine their sense of self through gospel music. It’s also super buggy.

The film’s fundraising campaign ends in 27 days. The filmmakers need help funding their trip to Japan, supplying equipment for shooting, editing, sound and post-production. If they don’t get funding, the film doesn’t get made. Peep the Supernatural trailer and donate to their kickstarter here.

Update: Only nine days left to donate to this crazy fascinating documentary and they still got a ways to go. You won’t see anything else like it. This is actual cultural exchange in it’s rawest form. Watch the trailer below and donate to their Kickstarter.

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