You ain’t from here…got my 20 for that Banksy flick?-video


In New York City heads in the hood are getting hip to Banksy’s work. They covered up one of his pieces and started charging visitors $20 to take a picture of it. Banksy is in New York for a month doing a man on the street artist residency. Stencil paintings are popping up in the most unlikely places and it’s causing an unlikely clash between the hood and “the art world.” The incident surrounding the painting is in East New York. Banksy is brave, golf clap. Gothamist broke the story, but what’s most interesting is their comments section. In the first video one of the guys charging for a picture said, “Niggas in the projects is looking for money. You don’t want to take a picture? That means you don’t care about the artist.” The camera lady act like she can’t even make sense of the whole thing. Sigh, a teachable (tilt head) moment?

Be careful and mindful for your own safety peoples. Don’t get caught up over a picture.

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