Gyeah! Flying Lotus’ “Ideas+Drafts+Loops Compilation” (Download)


Dude is just giving his hard drive away. On the eve of finishing his new album, the follow up to last year’s Until The Quiet Comes, Flying Lotus drops this cluster fuck of music…for free. Featuring your favorite rappers, seriously, Earl Sweatshirt, The Underachievers, Shabazz Palaces, Viktor Vaughn(Doom), Thundercat, DJ Mehdi, Baths, Niki Randa, Andreya Triana, Mapei, Captain Murphy and, don’t press that dial, Kanye West. The Yeezus track is a remix of “Black Skinhead” featuring Thundercat. Judging by Captain’s tweets, dude got sentimental about reaching 300,000 followers. Buggy times we live in. Remember when it was out of this world if a lot of heads just came to your show? As for releasing this file he tweeted, “Hey u guys are gonna share this folder right? Pls pass it around,” he wrote. “thanks for everything .. im feelin all emo about this..”

Download: Ideas+Drafts+Loops Compilation

The track listing:

  1. About That Time
  2. Adventure Sound feat. The Underachievers
  3. An XBOX Killed My Dog
  4. Aqua Teen 24
  5. Between Villains
  6. Chasing Apples
  7. Colemans Groove feat. Andreya Triana and Niki Randa
  8. Coswered draft
  9. Flotus
  10. DJ Mehdi – Mapei Ideas 1 Mix
  11. Hide Me feat. Shabazz Palaces
  12. Little Hours feat. Baths
  13. Meadow Man 2
  14. Oatmeal Face
  15. Osaka Trade
  16. Puppet Talk
  17. Stonecutters
  18. Such a Square
  19. The Diddler
  20. The In Between
  21. The Kill feat. Niki Randa
  22. Black Skinhead Remix feat. Thundercat
  23. Tree Tunnels
  24. Wake Me

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