Hiero-electro-delic: A-Plus & Aagee’s Album Molly’s Dirty Water


Hieroglyphics and Souls of Mischief member A-Plus and producer Aagee recently released a new solo album, Molly’s Dirty Water.  A-Plus and Aagee give us an interesting mix of Hip-Hop and electronic music, from A-Plus rhymes, R&B samples to glitch electro infused instrumental tracks. Molly’s Dirty Water is  based on A-Plus’s experiences in SF Bay Area electronic dance scene, probably all the raves Del got the Hiero crew playing at back in the day. One can assume at face value Molly’s Dirty Water is a drug reference but according to A-Plus it’s a concept album saying “some songs are more about a cool girl named Molly, others about a not so cool girl named Molly.”

Molly’s Dirty Water is one of the more creative projects out there that plays around with the Molly drug reference trend and goes beyond mere referencing a drug trend. A-Plus’ storytelling with Aagee’s mixture of Hip-Hop and EDM production styles make Molly’s Dirty Water worth a listen.

A-Plus & Aagee “Blue Tear Drops” Music Video

A-Plus & Aagee “Time to Let Go” Music Video

A-Plus & Aagee Molly’s Dirty Water (Soundcloud Preview)


For purchase of Molly’s Dirty Water go to Bandcamp or iTunes

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