I Am Bruce Lee (2012) – Documentary


Fifty years ago in Long Beach, California at the inaugural¬†International Karate Championships competition the legendary martial artist, action TV/film star, and philosopher Bruce Lee performed his martial arts feats that stunned and shocked the attendees and competitors at the event. Bruce Lee was a complex individual, beyond the punching and kicking; he was a philosopher, a civil rights activist (in his own way), a rebel against traditions that he saw as stifling to human progression, and a family man. For young Asian Americans growing up, Bruce Lee has been a figure to look up to, and at times a source for harassment from folks thinking they¬†know “Kung Fu.” For me I grew to absorb and appreciate his philosophical, humanitarian, and revolutionary characteristics. I Am Bruce Lee (2012) is a documentary that tries to document his legacy through the eyes of his family, fellow martial artists, actors, sports, musicians, dancers, artists and other admires of his life and work. The documentary touches on his life story, TV/film career, his philosophy, Jeet Kune Do, and how he has inspired people of diverse backgrounds all over the world. Bruce Lee embodied the Yin and Yang duality; he was a lover and a fighter. Looking at his life, you can say Bruce Lee accomplished his goal of “fully expressing himself” while he was on this earth.

I Am Bruce Lee (2012)

Bonus: Bruce Lee’s One Inch Punch Short Documentary (2006)

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