Key clocking the works, son


For LA Weekly I wrote an article about rapper and songwriter Gizzle. Also, I talked to rapper and producer The Koreatown Oddity. Check Gizzle’s EP 7 Days In Atlantashorty got bars. She’s like the Dolly Parton of rap, meaning, she pens hella songs, or in this case, raps for a lot of popular rappers. TKO was a humble cat who happens to be a multi-talented hardworking artist. Stones Throw Records just dropped his album Finna Be Past Tense. His Driving While Black flick was a pleasant surprise. It needs to be distributed and seen. Dude wrote it, acted in it, and basically co-directed it. Watch the trailer below.

This Atlantic video of Michael K. Williams playing multiple versions of himself while pondering existential questions hasn’t tired on me. His Vice show Black Market is dope too. Sup wit dat Season 2, Omar?

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