Lil 2018 was a rapper on ice skates
flipping refugees and glaciers out of a frying pan.
He built a house out of rainbows
pepper sprayed babies
-said they could put the chemical on tacos.
2-kilo-18 was the brain eater
chasing northern lights
that look like whips cracking the ether for free thinkers.
This was the year that some lungs took their last heave
We still got ticks on the clock.
Ain’t nobody
Food like lead water
is the same old eugenic genocidal
new order.
Detroit lives were a matter of paranoia
that made a wall of us all.
Look around
fearing for your life will get you
put down.
There’s a snitch in our mist
Its unblinking and it doesn’t make a sound.
Don’t worry just stare at the screen
it’ll keep you woke.
Slavery is all a dream.

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