“Mobile Lovers” plus one (unconfirmed), but Banksy’s clearly back


As confirmed by his (her, their) website, “Mobile Lovers” is a new stencil painted by the unknown uber famous street artist Banksy. The location is still unknown. Banksy’s tongue and cheek images always seem to be on sight, hardly missing the mark. “Mobile” is of two lovers embracing each other while staring at their smart phones. It comments on a hypnotized society whose eyes are constantly dilated by a glowing screen. In death, you walk towards light to reunite with deceased loved ones. In love, “Beauty is within the eye of the beholder.” “Follow the light, the light is…” taking years off your life. Sitting is the new smoking and screen life is the new addictive elixir. Love it, scroll it, read it, share it, link it, like it.


The second painting suspected of being a Banksy, but still unconfirmed is located in Cheltenham, England, near one of Britain’s intelligence headquarters according to The New York Times. The work features three men wearing sunglasses and tan trench coats spying on a telephone booth. It’s old school industrial espionage; a take on world governments trying to keep up with its citizens changing too fast for them to keep up. Their only weapon against a collective conscious moving at the speed of life is to copy and paste the “series of tubes” onto their massive multiple building size hard drives.


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