My Philosophy, The Teacha teaches: KRS One 2013 interview in Switzerland


This is an interview KRS One did recently in Switzerland, conducted by johnSF88. He talks about Hip-Hop’s ancient origins, knowledge of self, the current state of Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop in corporate environments, and new ideas that he’s currently spearheading. He asks Hip-Hop heads to question him, and not take him at his word, it’s his “Philosophy.” You gotta check it out to see if it matches your’s (gnosis/scientific). Me personally, KRS talks here about free education being important (I concur) but he mentions this is more important than free health care (I don’t concur, why not both KRS?).

Not related to this video, but I also question his past appearance with Alex Jones, who makes uncritical, easy to connect the dots conspiracy theories. Check this video out, and gain some knowledge about Hip-Hop that you may not know (maybe you do know according to KRS’s theory of Hip-Hop’s ancient origins). Don’t take my word for it or KRS’s, analyze, and judge for yourself. Knowledge. Reigns. Supreme. Over. Nearly. Everyone!

KRS ONE  Interview in Bern, Switzerland on June 21, 2013. By johnSF88.

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