“Nekst Forever,” graf writer legend remembered-video

Nekst was a prolific writer out of Houston, Texas. According to Houston Culture Map, he got hooked on tagging in the early 90’s and never stopped. He even did a bid in Dallas for “art crimes.” I get the impression that he went in as Next and came out as Nekst. He eventually made it to New York where he ran with the Mad City Kings crew. Nekst died last year. Information surrounding his life and death remain a mystery, at least to the outside world. The graffiti community has always been a tight tough world to crack. What else do you expect from heads trying to go all-city while dodging the boys in blue. Aside from his notable can control, Nekst was ruthless about getting up. If you know a graf writer, you know they’re almost like addicts. Blank walls are like giant flakey mountains of cocaine just begging to be painted. Writers usually have a broken-something, or some kind of injury from last night’s adventure, but they don’t stop. Their hanging off 20-100 foot drops just to do a throw up on an unlikely space. I imagine Nekst was no different, known for his intricate wild style burners and giant murals.

The Seventh Letter recently made  Nekst Forever. Dont, Vizie, Omens, Revok, Screw and Pose painted the memorial. “In 2012 the Graffiti world lost a great. NEKST will be missed forever for his bold and unrelenting style. His name will always be synonymous with what a true graffiti writer is. A group of friends gathered in Detroit to reproduce NEKST’S John Hancock on the front of the Detroit Museum of Contemporary Art.”

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