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After many months since Serato announced in september 2013 that it was merging it’s Digital Vinyl System (DVS) Scratch Live with it’s DJ Controller software Serato DJ, they have finally release Serato DJ 1.6. This release is fully compatible with all the newer Serato Rane mixers (61, 62, 62 Z, 64, 68), Pioneer DJM-900SRT mixer, as well as the DVS sound cards (SL 2, 3, and 4), along with a slew of DJ Controllers.


New features that work with 1.6 include Pitch n Time effect (time stretching effect), quantize, nameable cue points (existed in Scratch Live), and the new Jet Pack РFX pack. You also get slip mode feature which was introduced in Serato DJ 1.3. Of course the contentious sync feature is there, along with a new feature called quantize, which is supposed to allow cue points to be triggered on beat according to the beat grid and musical timing. Serato DJ 1.6 supports Serato Video plugin. There is no Ableton Live The Bridge plugin support in Serato DJ 1.6.

Serato DJ 1.6 promo video

For download and  more in depth info on the features of Serato DJ 1.6 visit

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