On The Scope 10-10-2014

On The Scope 10-10-2014


Tinashe – Aquarius stream

Tinashe – Aquarius music videos 

Tinashe Interview at The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 (10/07/2014)


Tinashe Discusses Debut Album “Aquarius” and Early Success on Sway in the Morning

Tinashe Performs “2 On” feat. Schoolboy Q on Jimmy Kimmel Live


– Aquarius is the debut of R&B singer/songwriter Tinashe. If you’re judging her by the catchy  “2 On” single, you’ll find a more diverse sound on this album. Aquarius contains deep, sensual, introspective lyrics, Tinashe’s enticing and breathy vocals over groovy electronic R&B beats. She can turn up or down, giving us a mix of groovy, emotion filled, and lush sounds. Those missing 90s R&B (à la Aaliyah) will pickup on Tinahse’s influence from this era of R&B music mixed with updated electronic music production styles and Tinashe’s personal songwriting style. Aquarius definitely is a stand out R&B album of 2014.


Flying Lotus – You’re Dead stream

Flying Lotus “Protector” (Bonus Track for Japan)


Flying Lotus ft. Kendrick Lamar “Never Catch Me”

Flying Lotus You’re Dead! album has been released. Flylo’s new album reminds me of his grand aunt Alice Coltrane’s Journey in Satchidananda, in the way the two sonically takes you on an inward and outward journey with frenetic, atmospheric, ambient, minimal but lush sounds. Both artists use their music as therapy for dealing with a lost loved one. Maybe Flylo’s new album is titled You’re dead! as a proclamation and way of dealing with the passing of his own mother. Dead! sounds like a journey, like an audio version of the Tibetan Book of the Dead, guiding souls to the other side, to find their path to reincarnation. Featured artists on this project include Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, Flylo’s alter-ego Captain Murphy,  Angel Deradoorian, Thundercat, and Niki Randa.


MF Doom & Bishop Nehru – NehruvianDOOM stream

NehruvianDoom “They Say Bishy Bish” [Bonus iTunes track]


NehruvianDOOM “Darkness (HBU)”

NehruvianDOOM (Beyond The Mask)

Bishop Nerhu on Hot97

– Old metal face MF Doom has teamed up with young up and coming rapper Bishop Nerhu, releasing their collaborative album NerhuvianDoom. The duo take us into their rap martial monk world, dropping verbal sparring moves, spiting braggadocios and introspective rhymes, they even have love songs and speak about the joys and pains of life. MF Doom is right to say Bishop Nerhu is an old soul, the kids got mad style. Most of the beats are by Doom himself with the exception of the track “Disastrous,” which is a beat done with Madlib (Madvillian) and the bonus track “They Say Bishy Bish” which is produced by Bishop Nerhu.


Vince Staples Hell Can Wait EP stream

Vince Staples “Blue Suede” (Explicit)

Vince Staples’ on Sway in the Morning

Vince Staples, a frequent collaborator with Odd Future crew just released his EP Hell Can Wait. Vince Staples’ debut EP harkens back to 90s reality rap/gangsta rap à la NWA and 2Pac.

“Back in the ’90s, music used to emulate the streets, but now the streets emulate music,” Staples says

– via LA Weekly

“Limo” featuring Teyana Taylor extrapolates Mary J Blige “I Can Love You” featuring Lil Kim from 1997.

Mary J. Blige ft. Lil Kim “I Can Love You” (1997)

Hasan Salaam ft. Immortal Technique & Hezekiah – JERICHO

– “Jericho” is a conscious track from Hasan Salaam ft. Immortal Technique & Hezekiah addressing all the social injustices going on these days.

Do All Asians Look Alike? “I’m Not Him”- Jin & Traphik


Madlib The Beats (Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton Soundtrack)

Stones Throw Records has recently released vinyl copies of Madlib’s The Beats (Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton Soundtrack). The vinyl copies are Obi strip designed to look like an SP-303 (a Roland machine that Madlib has championed in his productions) on the cover.


Mos Def & Talib Kweli’s Black Star (1998) stream

Black Star (Mos Def & Talib Kweli) “Definition” (1998)


Talib Kweli & DJ Hi-Tek (Reflection Eternal) Train Of Thought (2000) stream

Talib Kweli & Hi Tek (Reflection Eternal) “The Blast” (2000)

Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek (Reflection Eternal) “Move Somethin'” (2000)

Mos Def & Talib Kweli‘s Blackstar and Talib Kweli & DJ Hi-Tek‘s Train Of Thought have had vinyl reissues recently. Both albums are considered classic late 90s and early 2000s Hip-Hop albums. Both are solid debut projects from Mos Def, Talib Kweli, and DJ Hi-Tek.

House of Pain - Who_s The Man

House of Pain “Who’s The Man” (1992)

– “Who’s The Man” by House of Pain samples “Get Down” by Gene Russell (1973) and “Who’s the Man? (With the Master Plan)” by The Kay-Gees (1974)

Gene Russell “Get Down” (1973)

The Kay-Gees “Who’s the Man? (With the Master Plan)” (1974)

House of Pain - Put On Your Shit Kickers

House of Pain “Put On Your Shit Kickers” (1993)

– House of Pain’s “Put On Your Shit Kickers” contains samples of “Born Under a Bad Sign” by Booker T. & the M.G.’s (1968) and “They Gotta Quit Kickin’ My Dog Around (The Missouri Dawg Song)” by James Bland (1912).

Booker T. & the M.G.’s “Born Under a Bad Sign” (1968)

James Bland “They Gotta Quit Kickin’ My Dog Around (The Missouri Dawg Song)” (1912)

Mary J Blige “Real Love” (1992)

Aaliyah “Back & Forth” (1994)


Brandy “I Wanna Be Down” (1994)

Faith Evans “You Used To Love Me” (1995)

Monica – Don’t Take It Personal (Just One Of Dem Days) (1995)

Below are some Japanese funk, boogie, R&B, pop tunes from the late 70s and 80s.

Nicole Wray ft. Beanie Sigel “Can’t Get Out The Game” (2005)

A.G. “Party Hard, Hustle Hard” (2010)

Tatsuro Yamashita “Dancer” (1977) from the SPACY LP

– “Can’t Get Out The Game” (2005) by Nicole Wray ft. Beanie Sigel and A.G.’s Party Hard, Hustle Hard” (2010) both sample this funky Japanese tune “Dancer” (1977) by Tatsuro Yamashita. Tatsuro is probably best known in Japan for his 1983 hit “Christmas Eve” (from his album Melodies), this song is considered a standard Japanese Christmas song, reminds me of some 80s George Michael/Wham.

Tatsuro Yamashita “Christmas Eve” (1983)


Kaoru Akimoto “Wagamama Na-High Heeled Shoes (我がままなハイヒール)” from 1986 LP Cologne

[boogie80.com] 80’s Japanese Boogie Funk Vol.1 by Fanateek One [Free Download]

Toshiki Kadomatsu “Step Into The Light” from the 1984 LP After 5 Clash 

Toshiki Kadomatsu “Hatsu Koi” (1985)


SBTRKT Wonder Where We Land stream

SBTRKT Wonder Where We Land music videos

– Electronic musician SBTRKT has just released his sophomore album Wonder Where We Land. The album has the minimal, ambient, groovy, dub, shimmering synth, emotive bass, glitchy electronic beats we all know SBTRKT for. Artists featured on this album include Sampha, RauryKorelessEzra KoenigJessie Ware, Denai MooreASAP FergWarpaint, Boogie and Andrew Ashong.

Microphone Check – Andre 3000: ‘You Can Do Anything From Atlanta’


– Via NPR.

RBMA Radio – Hyperdub – An Oral History

Leading bass explorer Kode9 and the extended Hyperdub family tell their story of a decade at the forefront of heavyweight club sonics.

Steve Goodman alias Kode9 and his Hyperdub label have always been moulding the sound of the underground, pulling in plaudits and end-of-year polls from every which way. The label’s come a long way since Goodman’s website of the same name, which combined the latest dutty skanks with mind-bending philosophical excursions and deep dub histories. These days the Hyperdub family forge their own path of bass-heavy bangers, futuristic dancehall-infused sounds, and just plain leftfield electronics corrupting dancers and sound systems around the world. Hyperdub can take credit for bringing the sounds of BurialDarkstarCooly GZombyDVA, and Ikonika to a wider audience, as well as throwing curveballs from producers like SamiyamMark PritchardOm’Mas Keith, and Hyperdub radio show host Scratcha DVA. The label has been at the forefront of several rhythmic innovations, from claustrophobic dubstep, to soca-fied UK funky, and the frenetic juke and footwork patterns of pioneers Spinn and DJ Rashad. But aside from the dancefloor, the Hyperdub crew can just as easily take us on a detour into more experimental territory, with the abstract synths of Laurel Halo or the future r‘n’b leanings of Jessy Lanza. Hyperdub have been pushing the envelope for a decade: Kode9, Ikonika, Cooly G, DJ Spinn and Jessy Lanza tell their story from the land of low-end frequencies.

– Via RBMA Radio.

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