Paulie Rhyme: TMG Mixtape

Cover art courtesy of Paulie Rhyme

Prolific rapper and producer Paulie Rhyme is from Cleveland, Ohio. He’s has been spitting way before Lil’ Dicks was mumbling. He’s worked with Prince Po (Organized Konfusion), Rasco (Cali Agents), Blueprint, Raashan Ahmad, and a host of others. Just recently he toured China with Japanese producer Nomak. Towards the end of the year they will be releasing a much anticipated project.

With his wife and daughter, Paulie calls Nagoya, Japan, home. On this side of the moon he’s an ambassador for a lot of folks here. Thanks for letting me host your first mix. Paulie aka DJ P-$KI Luv describes it as:

A collection of 2019 Japanese Soul, R&B, Funk, and the like. My first mix since I moved to Japan. Featuring iri, Shin Sakiura, Tokyo Critters, Ojibah, Wonk, STUTS, Dj Hasebe, Sirup, Kan Sano, I Don’t Like Mondays, Tendre, Maliya, sooogood!, SPICYSOL, chelmico, and more.

Enjoy Paulie Rhyme’s TMG exclusive mix below.

To support Paulie’s music, check him out here.

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