Pow! Wow! 2014 let’s get it-video

Kamea Hadar and Rone
Shark Toof and Angry Woebots

Hawaii’s Pow! Wow! is catching a rep after becoming popular for rocking big murals around the island’s Kaka’ako area in Honolulu. Originally founded in Hong Kong, the event invites 100 of the illest street artist in the world to come and kill it. A video was recently released to help promote their 2014 gathering.

It includes interviews from organizer Jasper Wong and past participating artists, along with some recognizable treats from ROA, Shark Tooth, and Nychos. The music and descriptions of the event get a little emo, but it’s cool. Some of next year’s artists: 123 Klan, Aaron De La Cruz, Andrew Schoultz, Bask, Brendan Monroe, Buff Monster, Cope2, Cyrcle., Dabs Myla, Dave Kinsey, Gage Hamilton, Gaia, Glenn Barr, Hannah Stouffer, Indie 184, INSA, INTI, Jeff Hamada, Jessie Unterhalter, Katey Truhn, Kofie, KNOW HOPE, Lady Aiko, Madsteez, Meggs, Mimi Pond, Nychos, Persue, Reach, Reka, Roid, Ron English, Shawn Stussy, Seth Globepainter, Skinner, Slick, Spencer Keeton Cunningham, Tatiana Suarez, Tristan Eaton, Vhils, and Wayne White.

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