Pow! Wow! Hawai’i 2014 recap (compilation)

Here’s some flicks of just some of what we missed from Pow! Wow! Hawai’i. During the week long event there was a plethora of ill pictures, articles, and on goings bouncing out of those islands.  Below I compiled a collection of flicks and articles that are worth peeping. Check Hi-Fructose’s PWH recaps parts 1 and 2 along with fresh photos from different perspectives of finished murals. So far it’s looking like they went h.a.m. on Hawaii. Illustrator, puppeter and art director  Wayne White made these big headed sculpture masks here.  Illustrator, painter, and designer James Jean was profiled here. TMG favorite Augustine Kofie was interviewed on location. There’s some shots of him working and he gives a peak at a mock up of what he’s painting here. Artists Spencer Keeton Cunningham,  Aaron Glasson, and Skinner paint a 200 foot mural and live to talk about it here. There’s a short edited video with aerial views from a drone helicopter at the bottom. Lots of new and old artists to discover, follow and get inspired by.More to come.

New mural by @houseofmeggs and @knownasbask for #powwowhawaii. Photo by @bshigeta. @rvca @montanacans @flexfit @hawaiianairlines
New mural by @cyrcle for #powwowhawaii. Photo by @bshigeta. @rvca @montanacans @flexfit @hawaiianairlines
New mural by @nychos and @buffmonster for #powwowhawaii. Photo by @bshigeta. @rvca @montanacans @flexfit @hawaiianairlines
New mural by @defer_k2s, @normwillrise and @kameahadar for #powwowhawaii, #rvcatwfsl and the #pmalohatour. Photo by @bshigeta. @rvca @montanacans @flexfit @hawaiianairlines
New mural by Jessie and Katey for #powwowhawaii. Photo by @bshigeta. @rvca @montanacans @flexfit @hawaiianairlines
New mural by @keepdrafting for #powwowhawaii. Photo by @bshigeta. @rvca @montanacans @flexfit @hawaiianairlines
New mural by @dabsmyla and @miseryland for #powwowhawaii. Photo by @bshigeta. @rvca @montanacans @flexfit @hawaiianairlines
New mural by @katch1 for #powwowhawaii. Photo by @bshigeta. @rvcaskate @montanacans @flexfit @hawaiianairlines


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