Ronald Swenson Founder of SXSW Festival Speaks

Roland Swenson 4-30-2013

South By Southwest (SXSW) festival kicks off this Friday March 7th and goes on til March 16th. Here is a short documentary profiling the the founder of SXSW Ronald Swenson and the development of the festival, from a Dailymotion series called “That Was Me”.


In the sea of conservative red state Texas, the city of Austin (where SXSW is hosted) stands out as a liberal, and progressive beacon. Ronald Swenson, SXSW staff, artists, and event collaborators hosting SXSW in Austin adds to the city’s “Keep Austin Weird!” motto. SXSW started off as a small local event but grew into a huge nationwide pop cultural phenomenon (with corporate sponsors), that now rides the balancing act on the tightrope of underground vs. mainstream (to some early supporters dislike). Hate it or love it, SXSW has a little something for everyone from music, film, art, tech, and more.

For more info on the festival’s events go to the SXSW site

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