Semen Paintings of EA Conner – Video


Artists are no strangers to using bodily fluids such as blood, sweat and tears (figuratively and literally) in their work. In the case of artist EA Conner, he uses human semen mixed in his paints for his artwork. Because of the quantity he needs for his paintings, EA Conner receives donations of semen. The first thought from someone finding out that the paintings EA Conner makes contains human semen is probably “gross,” but it makes his artwork intimate and allows viewers a chance to ponder, “What do people do with their bodily fluids on a┬ádaily bases?” The images posted here are examples of EA Conner’s semen art, part of a series: Life Positive Semen Paintings, which uses semen donated from HIV positive individuals and highlights those who live with the disease today and their experiences. Below are two videos by EA Conner explaining his work. For more info on artist EA Conner check his website.

Life-Positive-Scorpion-028628-000003.PLife-Positive-Red Ribbon-028628-000002.P

EA Conner on his semen paintings

EA Conner on his “Life Positive” painting series

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