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Skratchpad San Francisco returns with a new venue after a short hiatus next Thursday February 13th. The event has gone on to have branches in San Jose, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Portland, Las Vegas, and Houston. Below are some details of the upcoming San Francisco kick off event.

SKRATCHPAD… is an event dedicated to “carrying on tradition” for Hip Hop purists. Spawned from a similar, legendary event called “The Beat Lounge” in the mid-90’s, this event focuses on the art of scratching in Hip Hop. The event also opens doors for bboys/bgirls, emcees and other enthusiasts to come out and network or just enjoy the styles… Catch this monthly event at its new home starting this Thursday, February 13th!!!!!

February 13th, 2014: OPENING JAM SESSION
hosted by Johnny Krush, DJ Deeandroid, DJ Celskiii, DJ Ameriica & crew

Doors 9pm-2am | 21+ | FREE ALL NIGHT
(((every 3rd Thursday of the month)))

ALL DJ’S ARE WELCOMED AND ENCOURAGED to participate in this unique event. (DJ’s: bring your own headphones, needles, and records). This is a community event: “No cover, just culture!”

More info at:
Hashtags: #SkratchpadSF #SkratchpadWorldwide

77 Cambon Dr
(inside Park Merced/by SFSU)
San Francisco CA 94132

Skratchpad online: and tumblr

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