Solillaquists of Sound’s kickstarters at $8,563/$12,500, c’mon people


Let’s get it. Solillaquists of Sound is at $8,563/$12,500. $ 3937 to go. Swamburger, the MC of the crew, has been my friend and personal motivational speaker ever since I was a kid. This half-breed (half-man/half-alien) is forever in perpetual motion and wears sweaters in the summer. I’m watching him sweat cats and dogs as we walk around, when I ask him why, he says, “njvi5$bhlnjlnlewa” and I took his word for it. I seriously thought he was doing some sort of social experiment, but I guess he just wanted to wear a sweater in July in muthafucking Orlando, Florida.

I love this dude and I guarantee you’re not wasting your money. It’s blue-collar music for advanced listeners. Think White Mandingos, J-Live or more accurately, something you haven’t heard before. Strictly food for thought, no preservatives or antibiotics. After listening to it you won’t feel broke for not having Baby money. S.O.S is self-made and communally oriented. Yes, I’m donating…Donate.

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