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Sriracha (2013) is a documentary about the history (and herstory in this case) of the famous Thai chili sauce, the Huy Fong brand of the Sriracha chili sauce and it’s founder David Tran, and the growing popularity of Sriracha chili sauce in the west. In 2013 the Huy Fong factory in Irwindale, CA received complaints from its neighbors about the smells from the factory, and a lawsuit to shut down the factory was filed with the city of Irwindale. The city of Irwindale later dropped the lawsuit on May 29th, 2014. This documentary was made during this time, and was crowd funded through kickstarter. The Huy Fong brand has openned doors for fans of the product in the west to try the original Thai brand of Sriracha (Sriraja Panich, a thinner spicy but sweet textured chili sauce) and the inspiration by young creative entrepreneurs to try and make their versions of Sriracha to be put on the market. Sriracha is quickly gaining ground to becoming a staple chili sauce condiment here in the west.

Sriracha (2013) trailer

Sriracha (2013) full documentary stream on Hulu


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