Techno’s Evolution: LEAF 2013 Masterclass Lecture with Kevin Saunderson, Eddie Fowlkes and Dantiez Saunderson – Videos

Godfathers of Techno Eddie Fowlkes, Kevin Saunderson, and Kevin’s son, Dantiez Saunderson (an up and coming DJ/Producer) at LEAF 2013

In recent debates over the state of dance music (EDM) in the U.S., we often forget the contributions of artists in Detroit, Chicago, and NYC for birthing genres like Techno, House, and Garage. The focus has been on dance music’s cultural migration from Europe to the U.S. in recent years, the business aspect affects on creativity, and what terminology is to be used (EDM, dance music or electronic music?). Europe has a rich history of dance music, but we can not forget the U.S. (Black, Brown, LGBT youth of the 70s & 80s) contributions to dance music culture. Here we have the godfathers, legends, pioneers of Detroit Techno, Kevin Saunderson, Eddie Fowlkes, along with Kevin’s son, Dantiez (an up and upcoming DJ/producer himself) speaking at LEAF 2013 Masterclass on the evolution of Detroit Techno. They cover the history of Techno and dance music overall through their experiences, imparting knowledge on DJing, production techniques, examining current trends, and their thoughts on the future of dance music.

The Evolution of Techno: Kevin Saunderson, Eddie Fowlkes and Dantiez Saunderson at LEAF 2013

Tracks mentioned in the video

Inner City “Big Fun” (Kevin Saunderson’s track)

Cybotron “Alleys of Your Mind” (Juan Atkins’ track)

Cybotron “Clear” (Juan Atkins’ track)

Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force “Planet Rock”

Cerrone “Supernature”

McFadden & Whitehead “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now”

Reese & Santonio “How To Play Our Music” (Kevin Saunderson track)

Reese & Santonio “Bounce Your Body To The Box” (Kevin Saunderson track)

Octave One Feat. Ann Saunderson (Kevin’s Wife) “Black Water”

Jodeci “Freak’N’You (MK Dub)”

Chip E “Like This”

Eddie Flashin Fowlkes “Goodbye Kiss”

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