“The Fire This Time” featuring Brooklyn Terry, 7/7/2020 @10am (JST)

We’re proud to announce that The Fire This Time podcast, Episode 4, will feature pioneering dancer and hip-hop ambassador Brooklyn Terry. He’ll be our guest this Tuesday, July 7 @10am (JST).

Representing the BK, Terry Wright has lived in Japan since 2006. He is a pioneering House and Hip Hop dancer. He’s appeared on TV and toured internationally with Will Smith, Mariah Carey, Lil Kim, Da Brat and the late Whitney Houston. In Japan he’s worked with some local Hip Hop acts like Exile and TRF. For years he’s continued to travel the world, working on dance projects and giving workshops. In Machida, him and his Japanese wife run their own dance studio. As a DJ and promoter, Terry is the head of Speakeasy, Tokyo’s most inclusive and popular dance party. He’s also a proud father and a leading voice within Japan’s black community.

My Tokyo Weekender article, A Shut Door: “Japanese Hip-Hop Has Sectioned Itself Off” was the first time I interviewed Terry. On TMG, I wrote Afterthoughts On “A Shut Door: ‘Japanese Hip-Hop Has Sectioned Itself Off’”. Here’s a Japanese translation of the same article. This is my review of Speakeasy Tyo at RIDE featuring Marley Marl. While attending the party, I had the honor of interviewing the great Marley Marl after his DJ set. The result was Marley Marl and the Social, Economic, and Political History Surrounding Hip-Hop’s Origin. Check out Speakeasy’s Halloween on roller skates. Then head to photographer DeAndre Scott’s Visions from The Church of “Speakeasy”. It won’t rob you of a glance.

Episode 4 of The Fire This Time will go live this Tuesday, July 7 @10am (JST), to our stateside listeners, that’s Monday @9pm (EST).

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