“The Untouchables,” Erik Ravelo


From left to right, Cuban artist Erik Ravelo addresses pedophilia in the Vatican, sexual child abuse and tourism in Thailand, war in Syria, the trafficking of children’s organs on the black market, the death of children by guns in the U.S. and obesity fueled by big fast food companies. Shit look crazy. According to Huffington Post, the photos got banned from Facebook.

Ravelo addresses the potential threat of nuclear power and child abuse in Japan.
Ravelo addresses the potential threat of nuclear power and child abuse in Japan.
Pedophilia in the Vatican
Sexual child abuse and tourism in Thailand
War in Syria
The trafficking of children’s organs on the black market
The death of children by guns in the U.S.
Obesity fueled by big fast food companies

4 comments On “The Untouchables,” Erik Ravelo

  • What an incisive magnificent work of art but a terrible indictment of humanity

    So chilled to see this direct analogy of childhood innocence crucified on the desperate ignorance of their damaged elders

    The seventh cross is needed to show that the child grows to become the crucifier. The child grows to be the monstrous elder

    This cycle begins with children
    We must protect children to break the cycle And to stop making these crucifixes.

  • A lot of Erik’s work is direct in that way. When I interviewed him earlier this year, he was dealing with the visceral response to his work (i.e. the Italian government). Children are always the most vulnerable. To break this cycle all boils down to breaking out this capitalists state. The cross that’s missing is a child factory worker nailed to a CEO or a politician. But Erik actually did that in another way with world leaders holding dead immigrant children, which got him into far more trouble.

    Since I’ve been busy freelancing and working other projects I just haven’t had the chance to work the interview that I did with him. Hopefully I’ll get it done soon. Appreciate your comment Ade. Erik is an incredible talent and I was humbled that he took the time to talk to me.

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  • Rosemarie D. Amendolia PhD

    So powerful : a series of artworks which creates revulsion in any human being who cares about children and humanity in general.

    “Fine Art” should not be limited to what humans specify as “beautiful”. Great artists through the centuries have at times created political statements attacking their political leaders or social ills.
    This contemporary artist is doing just that…shining a giant flashlight on a crime against humanity…the crucifixion of children on crosses of predatory sexual & physical abuse by sexually sick adults throughout our human population, and likely throughout our human history and throughout our human world.

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