TMG Track Picks Weekly

Peep Hakuna Kulala crew and Nyege Nyege Tapes. Them dudes is wild for the night. There’s a lot of colossal experimental electronic textures weaving out of East Africa. Rapper Ill Camille is spitting like the industry owe her money. Producer Blockhead’s single, “Slippery Slope” off of his latest album “Free Sweatpants” features Billy Woods, Open Mike Eagle, and Breezly Brewin of The Juggaknots. Brewin is an insanely underrated rapper that has yet to get his much deserved flowers. His younger sister Queen Herawin takes after him. The father and son duo in Atmosphere’s “Stopwatch” weaponize break dancing to pay medical bills. On the “Reflections of a DJ” podcast, rapper and ghostwriter Mad Skillz has a great analogy for his view of new school hip-hop. At my daughter’s request, I included Etta James’ “I’d Rather Be Blind” and Queen & David Bowie’s “Under Pressure (live).”


What should I include in next week’s TMG Track Picks Weekly?

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