Toilet Room: A Boiler Room Parody


Toilet Room is a parody of the global underground music event and online show, Boiler Room. According to their facebook page, Toilet is based in Sydney, Australia. Going along with the location theme that Boiler uses, a warehouse, hall, basement, art studio, or some other clandestine location, Toilet, is as the name suggests, shot in a restroom. Imitating the cramp, claustrophobic setting of many Boiler events, Toilet has the DJ set up by a sink, and the DJ surrounded by party goers dancing to electronic dance beats. Throughout the video you’ll see the party goer with drink in hand getting way to close to the DJ equipment, people try to touch the gear, the host reaching over the DJ adjusting levels on the mixer, the host trying to use the mic to hype up the crowd,  excessive smog machine, technical difficulties, and of course the wacky party characters. Jokes aside, overall nice set from the DJ, Paleman. Pretty impressive for a parody. Kudos to Toilet Room, keep it coming!


First episode of Toilet Room Featuring Paleman

More from UK DJ, Paleman, checkout his soundcloud below 

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