Two New Drake Tracks: “We Made It (Remix)” Feat. Soulja Boy & “Trophies” – Free DL


Two new Drake tracks have been released. “We Made It (Remix)” Feat. Soulja Boy and another track called “Trophies”, released just in time to kick off the new year. “Trophies” was produced by Hitboy, co-produced by Hagler and 40. “Trophies” was left off Nothing Was The Same, because Drake felt it needed more work. In my opinion”Trophies” is the stronger of the two. “We Made It (Remix)” is cool too but Soulja Boy’s part is unnecessary, which shows Drake’s skills for outshining people on their own tracks (overtaking Soulja Boy is not that hard though). Lesson of 2013 for rappers, watch out for Drake and Kendrick Lamar when you have em’ on your tracks. Enjoy the free DL, and happy new year from TMG crew!

Drake on “Trophies”

Drake Feat. Soulja Boy “We Made It (Remix)”

Drake “Trophies”

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