Unreported World – Gaza’s Property Ladder (2013) – Documentary

Unreported_World_Gaza_property_Ladder_2013_Seyi Rhodes

Reporter Seyi Rhodes and producer Daniel Bogado traveled to Gaza in 2013 to make Unreported World – Gaza’s Property Ladder. The documentary focuses on the strange property/construction boom in this region of the world where ongoing war and conflict would suggests such a boom shouldn’t be happening. Syyi and Daniel talk to real estate agents, tunnel smugglers, Gaza’s old money and new money millionaires and how they are prospering under war and conflict. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Syyi and Daniel focus on ordinary working class families in Gaza who are looking for a safe place to raise their families, and the soaring property prices and bad locations they have to live under.

Unreported World – Gaza’s Property Ladder (2013)

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