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In the midst of a blackout or “Rose-budding” of the DVDASA podcast, I did some looking around online and stumbled on this 2007 movie: We Are The Strange which happens to feature artist and DVDASA host David Choe doing the voice of the character RainWe Are The Strange is an independent animated film directed by Mr. M Dot Strange. The movie combines a mixture of animation, computer generated graphics, and stop motion techniques to construct an eccentric world for the story of We Are The Strange to unfold, which takes place in a sci-fi, video game, cyber punk like world. The visual of this animated movie may remind some of the recent internet meme aesthetics of seapunk (which started around August 2011) and vaporwave (which recently came on the scene August 2012) but We Are The Strange was released in 2007, four years before the 80s and 90s retro computer generated graphics and other visual styles from those time periods became a thing with the internet sub-cultural aesthetics of seapunk and vaporwave. We Are The Strange was slightly ahead of its time. The director M Dot Strange cautions that We Are The Strange is not for everyone, and that it will appeal to those who think of themselves as being weirdos.

We Are The Strange (2007) stream

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