World Star Hip Hop’s “The Field: Chicago”-full documentary video


The Field: Chicago is a documentary about the connection between Chicago’s rap scene and it’s cancer of street violence. As World Star Hip Hop’s film debut, it explores the killing of young black men in Chiraq’s inner cities. Last year Chicago surpassed New York City to become the nation’s murder capital among major cities with 422 murders. Interviews in the film include Rhymefest, Lil Durk, King Louie, Lil Bibby, Katie Got Bandz, Tink, Lil Herb, Lil Mouse, Young Chop, and more. Hours prior to this post, five people were shot in Chicago. During the making and releasing of this film, two of the featured rappers were murdered.


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  • This is real shit… It’s crazy what is going on over there.. I understand an ego can be the death of you but never took it as literal as the way they show it here. There has got to be a game plan to tackle the violence over there for the future. You got 13 year-old’s carrying guns because they have nothing to lose – one old-head in the video went to jail at 18 and didn’t get out until he was 50!! Don’t throw your life away over your image, there’s biggest shit out there/here.

    Lil Herb, Lil Durk and that young dude (Mouse?) were nice from what I remember watching this video and I thought the documentary was legit, I felt their stories and it was sad to see L’A and Jerome Wood got killed in September 2013 – that was a strong punch at the end with the music in the back (R.I.P).

    Thanks to whoever posted this video to this website.

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