When they see us they won’t.

Genius. Jealousy. Devour. Digest. Plagiarize. Capitalize.

Enslave. Torture. Run. Capture. Wild. Fear.

“Pap.” Hover. Flip. Catch. Roll.

Ran. Fell. Cried. Bandage. Laugh. Run.

“Bizz.” Anxiety. “Swat.” Miss. “Smack.” Ecstasy.

They watch each other to death. 

Laughter is a dagger. Stab quietly. 

“Daddy King. Queen Mommie. I’m Princess.”

He jumped. A thump swallowed him.

Reborn. “And Action!” said The Lord.

I beat the meat to cheat.

Cross. Break ankles. Pop. Float. Water.

“I can’t breathe.” Yes we can.

One mind. One opinion. Or else.

I spank my good girl; wife.

“Hands up.” Bang Bang. “Don’t shoot.”

Kantra: “Daddy, I want to hug you.”

Birth. Wonder. Desire. Mistakes. Wisdom. Death.

Bullies. Victims. Victors. Tribes.  Saviors. Salesmen. 

Rapture and gravity balance my levity.

A Farmer Jones Production