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Rhyming with the Gaijin

At the top of 2019 rapper, producer, and artist Rhyming Gaijin made a pledge to make a beat, write a verse, and record a track for everyday of the year. He called it the 365-Day Challenge. When I first wrote about it, he was 54 days out and showed little sign of stopping. Rhyming is something of a unique figure within Tokyo, Japan’s music scene. Very few artists put themselves out there in the way that he does. Rhyming’s music

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Afterthoughts On Reggie Casual

I talked to vlogger and fashion designer, Reggie Casual for Tokyo Weekender, read it here. Reggie’s videos are a gulf of information and insight into Japanese fashion. While I enjoyed watching them and I think The Casual is one of the most unique vlogs in Japan, I couldn’t get away from the obvious influence of the black aesthetic on this country’s pop culture. Granted, The Casual is about Japanese fashion, but for him to not address the obvious is what

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Bombing Hong Kong

     Several months ago I came up with a list in my head of all the things I’ve wanted to do in my lifetime, but haven’t done yet. Either fear, procrastination, money, or time had gotten in the way of accomplishing the things on this list. I’m in my mid thirties and found that there was so much I wanted to experience in this life, but haven’t yet. Days went by, before I woke up in my apartment feeling

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What ever happened to Lyricist Lounge?

“It’s ill, ‘cause this is the first interview I’ve done in a while. Call it an interview if you want, but I’m really just venting about a lot of shit that’s been going on,” said Anthony Marshall. A cool, well-mannered Virgo, Marshall, 33 co-founded the legendary MC showcase Lyricist Lounge along with partner and best-friend Danny Castro in the early 90’s when hip-hop was called anything, but music. The Lounge started in New York City as an open mic for

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