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Artist Yasushi Matsui aka Noa-

I was incredibly fortunate enough to kick it with one of my favorite artists in the world, Yasushi Matsui aka Noa-. Years ago in San Francisco, CA, I met him through mutual friends. At Space Gallery (RIP) in SF’s Tenderloin, Matsui was a member of the first incarnation of TMG when it was a showcase of writers and artists. On wood panel clamped to an easal, Matsui came through and got busy with artists Aaron Lawrence and Nolan Yelonek. Matsui

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On The Grind W/ Director, James Cheeks III Part 1.

On The Grind is a short documentary about kids of color growing up in Long Beach, California who escape their harsh realities through skateboarding. The film was predominantly shot at 14th Street Skate Park, also known as Ghetto Park, a run down facility that local Long Beach skaters treated as a sanctuary. The film explores their lives in the aftermath of losing their close friend, Michael K Green; a talented skateboarder who was in transition to becoming a professional skateboarder.

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Rhyming with the Gaijin

At the top of 2019 rapper, producer, and artist Rhyming Gaijin made a pledge to make a beat, write a verse, and record a track for everyday of the year. He called it the 365-Day Challenge. When I first wrote about it, he was 54 days out and showed little sign of stopping. Rhyming is something of a unique figure within Tokyo, Japan’s music scene. Very few artists put themselves out there in the way that he does. Rhyming’s music

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