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The New Sound of Electronic Music in East Africa

Recently I wrote an article about East Africa’s rising electronic music scene for bandcamp. Read it here. As a 90’s kid, when Nas said, “Hip-Hop is dead” it seemed like something that needed to be said, albeit shortsighted. Responding to Nas’s 2006 proclamation, Palestinian kids were saying “Hip-Hop is not dead it lives in Gaza.” In Kenya, the disputed 2007 presidential election made the country explode into mayhem. 1,100 people were killed in two months. Most of them were hacked

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Top 5 Japanese Guitarists of All Time

These are the greatest axe-men that ever came out of Japan. Period. This full proof list will kill yours. Every eyeball that scans these names will praise the definite fact that their favorite J-pop artist was included. Your tastes will be validated and thank god reflected. If not then blame the young over-caffeinated Millennial that compiled this work of wonder. The excluded Japanese rock gods are a potential cage fight for some fans, but the chosen guitarists are from different

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Paulie Rhyme: TMG Mixtape

Prolific rapper and producer Paulie Rhyme is from Cleveland, Ohio. He’s has been spitting way before Lil’ Dicks was mumbling. He’s worked with Prince Po (Organized Konfusion), Rasco (Cali Agents), Blueprint, Raashan Ahmad, and a host of others. Just recently he toured China with Japanese producer Nomak. Towards the end of the year they will be releasing a much anticipated project. With his wife and daughter, Paulie calls Nagoya, Japan, home. On this side of the moon he’s an ambassador

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Japan’s All-Time Top 5 Hip-Hop Producers and Beat Makers

I wrote this for Tokyo Weekender. I also got some other other other other work (later on that), an essay, several artists interviews (in process), and a short story(submitted). Read “Japan’s All-Time Top 5 Hip-Hop Producers and Beat Makers,” here. Everybody on that listicle is a legend, but revisiting Uyama Hiroto’s Freeform Jazz was ridiculous. Did anybody write about that record?     freeform jazz by uyama hiroto

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