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Fukushima: The Silent Voices-film

The documentary is about Chiho Sato, a Japanese filmmaker who was living in France when the 3/11 earthquake hit her hometown of Fukushima. Her family lives in the “The Voluntary Evacuation Zone,” 37 miles away from TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company)’s Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant. Amid the earthquake and subsequent tsunami, the Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant had a core meltdown, resulting in a catastrophic nuclear accident. In her family’s area, nobody talked about the disaster. It was considered forbidden and

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I just came back from Fukushima last Saturday night

This is the social media posts of my initial reactions to coming back from a place where something unthinkable happened. On the Shinkansen headed up there, I was going on a press tour. The closer we got I thought I might start melting. Talking to filmmaker Lucas Rue settled my nerves. Putting human faces to Fukushima and the nuclear meltdown changed my perception of that part of Japan. After 3/11, Mr. Hagi’s restaurant was one of the first to start

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DJ Zesto: TMG Mixtape, Vol 1 Head Nod Chill Wave

While there’s no “Track Picks” for this week, TMG brings you a new and exclusively brewed mix. DJ Zesto’s Vol 1 Head Nod Chill Wave is a mellow bounce through plush styles and royal rhythms, dedicated to that “yes” sound. Zesto is a New York rapper, producer, DJ, and artists that has been actively making music ever since Bill Clinton said, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” TMG and Zesto’s Stolen Sound System are collaborating to bring

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Awkward Art Postcards from Sam Grant

Recently, artist Sam Grant has been drawing on the back of old postcards. It was a temporary solution for the lack of space that he had to paint. Working on an Ipad was fine at first. Drawing on paper felt like home until he’d mess up and realized that he couldn’t press undo. The process has been a series of undoing. He did a total of 50 postcards using colored pencils, pens, and markers. I’ve been collecting images both actual

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TMG Track Picks Weekly 2-25-19 featuring The Mega Late Show

To close out February, The Mega Late Show took over this week’s track picks. If you haven’t heard Tokyo’s number one hip-hop podcast, The Mega Late Show is available on all streaming platforms. They had me on the show a while back, here. In exchange, they did two exclusive TMG mixtapes here, and here. As guest editors, Mega and Late of MLS put together some treats. Mega’s picks are relatives of a family tree while Late highlights some slept on

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