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Uncommon Nasa: TMG Mixtape, Four / Five

TMG is proud to announce our new exclusive mixtape by rapper and producer Uncommon Nasa. His name is synonymous with Definitive Jux Records, a label responsible for classic early 2000 New York art rap. Read the 2013 TMG interview with Nasa about his love of unicorns. He was the man behind the mixing boards for a lot of Def Jux studio sessions. He recorded and mixed numerous records that continue to age well and are still ahead of their time.

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Uncommon Nasa talks about his love for unicorns

To give some perspective on rapper and producer Uncommon Nasa, here’s an interview with him back in 2013. Shout out to Nasa for spinning 45’s and putting together this exclusive TMG mix, Four/Five. Since this article was published, Nasa has continued to make music and release a growing catalogue of albums over the years. Just recently, he produced The Last Sons’ Chekov’s Gun (Uncommon Records), a disquieted record full of wasteland sentiments. Nasa has also become a published author with

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TMG Track Picks Weekly 4-8-19

This week, TMG’s guest editor is rapper and show promoter Shad AD. For genres of all sorts, Shad has created a platform for artists to work their craft and cross-pollinate. He also happens to be known to spit some bars. Exhibit A: Shad’s upcoming events are as follows: April 10th & 11th: ARS: The Acoustification of Rock & Soul – features a variety of local Tokyo artists with acoustic versions of their songs, located in Shibuya at Ruby Room. May

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TMG Track Picks Weekly 4-1-19

DON'T GET LAZY NOW! by Psalm One Chekhov's Gun by Last Sons WORD by Rob Cave and The Other Guys Hiding Places by billy woods A Long Red Hot Los Angeles Summer Night by Blu & Oh No Black Beans by Choosey & Exile Flowerstone Vol. 1 by Known Shaz The Fix by Jack Jones Angelz and Demonz by M.A.V. x Hobgoblin What should I include in next week’s TMG Track Picks Weekly?

Michael Santiago Shoots Yasiin Bey, Questlove, and Everyday People

“The people in front of the camera are the most important people, not the photographer, no matter how heralded he is. They can be poor… but if they don’t want to give you their time, you don’t have a story.” -Photographer and composer Gordon Parks, from the documentary Half Past Autumn: The Life and Work of Gordon Parks Photographer Michael Santiago, born in the Dominican Republic, but based in both New York and Oakland, documents issues related to communities of

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