Lil 2018 was a rapper on ice skates flipping refugees and glaciers out of a frying pan. He built a house out of rainbows pepper sprayed babies -said they could put it on their tacos. 2-kilo-18 was the brain eater chasing northern lights that look like whips cracking the ether for free thinkers.  This was the year that some lungs took their last heaveWe still got ticks on the clock. Ain’t nobody going quietly. Food like lead wateris the same

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In this week’s TMG track picks, Sa-Roc shows off battle wounds from her throne. Singer and rapper Lizzo caught a buzz off of her latest single, “Juice.” On “Lose No Time” J-Live hates haters. Curly Castro shoots his walking dead son. On the podcast Nothing’s Really Real, a woman talks about escaping a cult. Rapper and producer Davu Flint just came out with some soulful “Boom Science.” Blastmaster Baker fights a human being lawnmower. And I loves me some Jungle

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2018 Ramblings Revisited

This Ain’t Yo Muthafuckin’ Diary, Biatch 2018 was the year that TMG became more like my journal, scrapbook, family videos, and everything uncomfortable or Japan-related. It was a challenge to my introverted nature. Looking at all of last year’s TMG posts, I have zero regrets. Last year taught me that I have no desire to be a brand or a topic. It was an experiment, which helped me progress in unforeseen ways. Either commit and stick the landing or be

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TMG Soundcloud Likes

To start 2019 here’s a track list of some of TMG’s soundcloud likes. They include cuts, podcasts, and mixes. A lot of these artists aren’t swimming in the mainstream. If you gave up digging for music that doesn’t mimic talking fax machines then here you go. Hit TMG up on soundcloud with suggestions. What other tracks should be included in the next soundcloud list?

“You Are The Mutha Effin Ish!” Zesto’s house flip

Not too long ago, my mans, DJ, producer, and rapper, Zesto Q dropped the house cut, “You Are The Mutha Effin Ish!” Its that bouncing anthem that one vogues to in the mirror. The vocals are avators for one’s affirmations. “You Are” triggers metallic sounds that juxtapose soulful synths and a funked up bass line. Coming from Zesto, it would’ve seemed unexpected since he’s a long time hip-hop head. He’s a student of Rakim, Doom, and Company Flow. Through email

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