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2018 Ramblings Revisited

This Ain’t Yo Muthafuckin’ Diary, Biatch 2018 was the year that TMG became more like my journal, scrapbook, family videos, and everything uncomfortable or Japan-related. It was a challenge to

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B+Ghost Notes=John Felix Arnold III’s New Mural

Today, I kicked it with Mega of The Mega Late Show. We went to peep photographer and director, B+ (Brian Cross)’s Ghost Notes: Music of the Unplayed at 16(sixteen). B+ has been

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The Hostile Apostle, featuring artist, Peter Adamyan

Welcome to Salvation Mini Mart, America’s holiest of holies, where science is fear-mongering and shopping is worship. We got “AntiChrist” insect repellent, “Holy Water” for electrolytes and exclusive “Blood of Christ”

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Luigi Serafini’s “Codex Seraphinianus” 

Codex Seraphinianus  is a 400-page book written in an imaginary language accompanied by illustrations that seem to be of a remixed earth. Italian artist and former architect, Luigi Serafini made the

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My flesh is the bottle to a lightening bolt that I have on loan. Writing keeps it from escaping. I'm a writer from “God’s Waiting Room,” Orlando, Florida. Bill Gates Millennium Scholar, SUNY Purchase College, Mugshot Magazine, Hi-Fructose, Dig In, Tokyo Art Beat, Cleaver Magazine, LA Weekly (R.I.P.), Huffpost, Tokyo Weekender. -Tracy Jones



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