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Vanessa German Commits “A Violence To The Lie”

Artist Vanessa German packing heat at home. A tar-painted female figure shines forks for a halo. Her arms have eyes. She’s holding a pair of old brown work boots as an offering. A second figure holds a banjo. She’s skating on top of an alligator that’s lying flat on a skateboard. A third wears electrical outlets for a dress. She’s about to explode. Her chicken legs and tiny feet are seemingly too fragile to support her swollen body.  L-R, One

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Sound Pieces and Picture -Source Material

To everybody making work, here's a list of important places to get sounds and visuals. They're all free downloads for your manipulating pleasure. If you got any more URL's to ad, post them in the comments. Head of Wilhelm II as spider. circa 1918 The Library of Congress is a maze of dusty digital gold. Its the largest library on the planet, over 160 million items in their collection: manuscripts, audio, propaganda, microforms, photos. The BBC has over 16,000 sound

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John Felix Arnold III’s “Pilgrimage”

This big bearded gregarious laughing mass of a man could give a flying 747 fuck about what you think of him. If he controlled the weather it'd be King Kong conducting an orchestra. By some accounts he shouldn’t be here, here as in alive. His art could be what a potent drug induced rampage looks like, or a ballerina freezing in first position on a feather sailing through the wind. For those that know him (including this article's author), artist John Felix Arnold

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Lil 2018 was a rapper on ice skates flipping refugees and glaciers out of a frying pan. He built a house out of rainbows pepper sprayed babies -said they could put it on tacos. 2-kilo-18 was the brain eater chasing northern lights that look like whips cracking the ether for free thinkers.  This was the year that some lungs took their last heaveWe still got ticks on the clock. Ain’t nobody going quietly. Food like lead wateris the same old

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The Ebony Hillbillies In this week's TMG track picks, Sa-Roc shows off battle wounds from her throne. Singer and rapper Lizzo caught a buzz off of her latest single, "Juice." On "Lose No Time" J-Live hates haters. Curly Castro shoots his walking dead son. On the podcast Nothing's Really Real, a woman talks about escaping a cult. Rapper and producer Davu Flint just came out with some soulful "Boom Science." Blastmaster Baker fights a human being lawnmower. And I loves

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