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Michael Santiago Shoots Yasiin Bey, Questlove, and Everyday People

“The people in front of the camera are the most important people, not the photographer, no matter how heralded he is. They can be poor… but if they don’t want to give you their time, you don’t have a story.” -Photographer and composer Gordon Parks, from the documentary Half Past Autumn: The Life and Work of Gordon Parks Photographer Michael Santiago, born in the Dominican Republic, but based in both New York and Oakland, documents issues related to communities of

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The Bleeding Art of Bedelgeuse

The mixed media collages of artist Bedelgeuse aka Travis Bedel illustrate the fragility of the human psyche and it’s fleeting beauty. “Most of my work represents love, loss and letting go,” said Bedelgeuse. While some modern artists focus on the evolution of mankind through technology, Bedelgeuse’s compositions produce synergetic visuals that reintroduce humanity’s inherent relationship to nature. A flower bouquet comes out of a penis. Moon phases circle around a hand exposing its bone and tendon. Butterflies perch in the

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TMG Track Picks Weekly 3-25-19

Three years ago, this weekend, the world lost rapper Phife Dawg of A Tribe Called Quest. Tonight, comedian Dave Chappelle is about to make history by performing in Tokyo, Japan. The timing couldn’t be more poignant. Tickets to the show sold out at the speed of an eye blink. Sunni Colón is everything right now. Boss is underrated yet responsible for birthing a lot of today’s most revered rappers. Rick Ross owes a lot of his career to her. Solange

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“Fukushima Renewal,” for Tokyo Weekender

Recently I traveled to Fukushima and wrote about it for Tokyo Weekender. The food was the animation equivalent to Spider-Man: Enter The Spider-Verse. And I don’t even take food flicks like that (and post them). Read the article here.

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